I will fight to protect and expand Medicaid in North Carolina.


Every time the issue of expanding Medicaid comes up, my opponent remains silent or makes comments like “the only people that benefit from Medicaid expansion are the people who get free insurance”. We have 10,000 children and half a million people in North Carolina without health insurance, and we are sending $3 billion dollars to other states. That’s money that should be benefitting the most vulnerable among us.


I will fight to protect the part that Planned Parenthood plays in the healthcare of thousands of North Carolina women.


I will fight to lower the costs of healthcare for every citizen of North Carolina

Medicaid Expansion

Rural Hospitals

Addiction Treatment

How does this effect you?

The coronavirus has served as a wake-up call for North Carolina, illustrating the suffering caused by the inequities in our state's healthcare system.You may have good medical coverage, but the lack of insurance by others forces hospitals to absorb costs that, in most states, would be covered by Medicaid. The loss of our rural hospitals threatens us all, whether we have insurance of not.

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