Fair Elections

If there is one thing all Republicans can agree on, it's that their positions on most issues are at odds with the majority of the electorate. They understand that in order to remain in power, they must adhere to two rules: First, maintain a financial advantage. Cater to large corporations, no matter how detrimental their operations are to the public, by cutting corporate taxes and relaxing regulations meant to protect consumers like you. And cater to the wealthiest individuals by passing tax cuts that starve essential services we depend on. Second, and most importantly, Republicans know that their chances of victory increase when voter turnout decreases. Unfortunately, their efforts to reduce turnout represent a direct threat to our democracy.

Partisan Gerrymandering

Vote By Mail

One Person One Vote

How does this effect you?

We have seen too many examples of Republican voter suppression in North Carolina. If the past is any indication, opposition by Republican legislators to vote-by-mail is almost certain to occur and will threaten our rights and our democracy. When, for example, 77% of Americans favor universal background checks for gun purchases and their wishes are ignored by their representatives, you know something's wrong. Rather than having to maneuver through obstacles to voter access, we need a system that clears the path for all North Carolina citizens to participate in the democratic process.

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