Last year, tourism revenue in Brunswick County alone amounted to 5 billion dollars. The looming threat of drilling for oil off the North Carolina coast could have a devastating effect on those future dollars. Catastrophic spills and blowouts like the Deepwater Horizon spill in 2010,  which negatively impacted tourism in the Gulf states for years, are very real possibilities. In addition, offshore drilling produces countless forms of pollution that greatly impacts marine animals and wildlife. Not only our coastal communities, but our state relies heavily on tourism dollars each year. 


Offshore oil reserves do not have the impact on oil prices or our reliance on foreign oil that many proponents believe there to be. What they do impact, and negatively, is our environment and our clean air and water. I oppose seismic blasting and offshore drilling, and if I am elected to the NC House, I will support alternative solutions like creating clean energy and green jobs in solar and wind industries. 

Offshore Drilling

Climate Change

Clean Water

How does this effect you?

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Imagine what an oil spill that soils our beaches would do to our local economy. Imagine how many jobs have been lost to companies who have passed over our region due to environmental concerns. But most important, isn't it time to consider our legacy and the kind of planet we hand over to future generations?

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