Unlike my opponent who caters to the special interests of his donors, I intend to be a voice in the NC House of Representatives for the average man and woman who works hard every day. If elected, I plan to listen to my constituents and represent everyone in Brunswick County equally. 

Quality Jobs



Good jobs don't suddenly appear; they need to be attracted. Companies look for locations that offer a well-educated workforce, good infrastructure and a clean environment. North Carolina must increase its investment in all three areas to insure that the jobs will be here for generations to come.

A well-educated workforce starts with better school funding and more ambitious curriculum.

Good infrastructure means better roads, reliable utilities, and universal broadband access.

A clean environment includes pure drinking water, pristine beaches and clean rivers and streams.

Living Wage



There is no reason why any full-time job in North Carolina shouldn't provide enough pay to support a family. Allowing businesses to get away with paying poverty wages that force workers to work second, even third jobs is inhumane. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that low-wage workers need to survive is something we pay for as taxpayers, essentially subsidizing the profits of their employers. It's time to increase North Carolina's minimum wage to $15 an hour and restore the dignity our workers so deserve.

The average pay for white women in N.C. is $36,000 per year, $5,000 less than males. The average pay for women of color is $31,000 per year, $13,000 less than men.  I will work to ratify the ERA and put all women on an equal pay
scale with men.

Smart Growth



The rapid growth of our District 17 should be good news for everyone. With it comes a bigger tax base, more choices for recreation, better job opportunities and expanded cultural attractions.

What also comes with rapid growth is more traffic and higher demand for public services.

It's important that we adequately plan for growth by improving and widening roads and bridges, investing in schools to prevent overcrowding and hiring more first responders to insure public safety as our population increases.

How does this effect you?

As residents of Brunswick County, all of us can look forward to the new opportunities our growth will bring. But, like everywhere else, we face economic challenges that must be addressed in order to insure that our county is a great place for everyone to live.